Friday, 16 June 2017

Peer Education Session at HSB Pabre

A peer education session on disability rights is given to help those with disabilities by educating them about their rights and to increase their knowledge about the opportunities available to them as disabled people living in Pabre, Burkina Faso. This is very important as it shows the people of Pabre what is being done to help them and what can be achieved through working together and facing the problems that occurs to them in everyday life. Many disabled people in Pabre and Burkina Faso don’t know the rights that they possess and what is being done to help them, a peer awareness raising session answers these questions and helps all of those involved.

The peer education was run by Mr Freddie from Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) and an agent from L’Action Social; a governmental body in Pabre aimed at helping those with disabilities. The aim is to help those with disabilities in Pabre by educating them on their rights and what the problems they face in Pabre are. Due to this, the session is run by those with disabilities for those with disabilities. There were around 15 people present, all adults and a mix of males and females, all living in and around the proximity to Pabre.

Mr Alfred Ouedraogo (left) and Barro (right)

The first question asked to the group was “what are the problems that you face being disabled in Pabre?” This was a widely-debated topic among those present; however, work was the biggest single problem or lack of work to be honest, then poverty, mal-nutrition, lack of support and guidance, lack of training and then finally less support for children at schools. These are very startling answers and eye opening to say the least. They show that a lack of work for those with disabilities is a real problem, and can lead to the problems that have been mentioned such as poverty and malnutrition.
It was then asked, why do we have these problems? The answer back was very forthright, “because we are disabled and therefore we did not go to school”. This shows one of the main problems affecting those with disabilities in Burkina Faso, the stigma around those with disabilities and the lack of educational support for them.  An education is essential for those with disabilities as it gives them legitimate access to work.

So why is there is a lack of support and training for those with disabilities, and what can we do to change this? The answer which was given by the group was that they need to challenge the government more, as well as the schools. They can do this through lobbying, sending letters, meeting government officials and working together as a group.

A member of the audience lightens up the exchange by providing a startling response to a question

So why doesn’t or why didn’t our parents help us growing up? The group responded that there was ignorance in sending them to school, and therefore they cannot read or write, and so because of this work is limited to them. This goes back to the first question asked which was about the problems faced among those disabled and the answer back being that work was number 1; this is because disabled people are stigmatised and not educated, and therefore work is increasingly difficult for them to find.
A very captivated audience listening to Marc (In Country Team Leader) interpreting a message in Moore

It was decided by the whole group that those with disabilities should form together and help each other out, with social issues faced by those in Pabre with disabilities. If you like they should form a sort of trade union with each other, so that when a problem arises, they can tackle it full on as a group rather than individually.

Finally, it was put to the group what disability means to them and what does it feel like living with a disability in this society. Shame was given as an answer, and that it is very important for a disabled person in Pabre and Burkina Faso to break this feeling of shame, become fearless, and have a can-do attitude. The peer education session was a huge success as there was a huge turnout and all those present were able to ask the questions they desired and receive the information they need concerning their rights as disabled people. This is an initiative that needs repeating in the future, as it’s an essential tool in helping unite, educate and inform those with disabilities in Pabre about their rights, roles and how to move forward for the better in the future.

Suite à de nombreuses préoccupations soulevées par les parents des personnes handicapées et les personnes vivant avec un handicap elles même, il était nécessaire de convoquer une EDUCATION DES PAIRS dirigée par le Directeur exécutif de Handicap Solidaire Burkina, OUEDRAOGO ALFRED et MR BARRO, agent de l’Action sociale.

En effet, après un bref rappel des grands points des entretiens passés, monsieur Alfred OUEDRAOGO a abordé le sujet du jour qui avait comme point focal, un échange franc avec les quinze personnes présentes à ladite rencontre. Ainsi aux cours de cet échange certaines difficultés ont été soulevées par les personnes vivant avec un handicap ainsi que leurs parents. Le manque de travail a été évoqué par certains. La pauvreté en général a été citée car nombreux d’entre eux ont exprimé leurs difficultés d’accompagner convenablement leurs enfants à l’école. La malnutrition et même le manque de toit ont été soulevés par certains.

Cependant certains pensent que les difficultés qu’ils rencontrent sont dues soit à leur handicap ou à leur niveau d’étude. Par ailleurs le gouvernement a été pointé du doigt car pour eux l’accompagnement et l’aide apportés par le gouvernement est très insignifiant. A la question de savoir pourquoi nombreux d’entre eux n’ont pas été scolarisés, l’ignorance et l’analphabétisme de leurs parents ont été accusés.

Alors en dépit de tout ce qu’a été dit par les personnes vivant avec un handicap et leurs parents, c’était au tour des conférenciers de partager leurs propres expériences et d’apporter des conseils pratiques afin de minimiser les difficultés. Ils ont conseillé d’accepter avant tout leur situation physique, de rompre avec le complexe d’infériorité, cette peur et cette honte de s’exprimer librement, le manque de confiance qu’ils ont en eux, tout en les rappelant de ne jamais se décourager des propos, voire insultes des autres.

Ainsi avant de terminer ce bel entretien monsieur Alfred OUEDRAGO a tenu à recueillir quelques préoccupations des participants. Des besoins comme la création d’un centre de formation et d’emploi, et la création des activités génératrices de revenu ont été exprimés. C’est dans la satisfaction et l’espoir d’une aurore nouvelle sur leur vie que les participants ont regagné leur doiciles

HSB vs. ASK - A Day like No Other in the World of Development

Imagine if your right to education was taken away from you. How would you react? Imagine if perceptions of you were of nothing but incapability. Would that make you angry? How about being belittled, manipulated and shunned day after day, made to feel like nothing. Would you see this as wrong? This is what life is like for people living with disabilities in Burkina Faso. Parents are too scared to send their disabled children to school because community perceptions tell them that their children are not entitled. Families are living in poverty because equal job opportunities are not given to disabled people, men and women living with a disability have nowhere to turn for help because they are not seen as a valued part of the community by their neighbours, authoritative figures and in some cases, government officials.
 1. Mr Alfred Ouédraogo, HSB's CEO.

Handicap Solidaire Burkina, a Burkina Faso NGO, strives to protect and promote the rights of disabled people through awareness raising, community infrastructure and development along with partnership building. This is supported by ICS, a UK government funded scheme, which enables both UK and Burkinabe volunteers to work alongside HSB to help achieve the partner’s fundamental goals, such as championing disabled athletes to challenge perceptions in small communities like Pabré. On Tuesday 23rd May, ICS volunteers for International Service and HSB had planned and set up a Sport Event to do just this.

2. Volunteers putting the final touches together on the day.

The volunteers eagerly arrived at the Lycée Municipal early to set up for the day. They busied themselves laying out chairs for the guests, checking over equipment and starting the music to get the ever-growing crowd in the festival spirit. Once all was organised, the volunteers excitedly awaited the impending arrival of fellow ICS team ASK who were travelling from Koudougou to participate in the joint event. Once the bus was seen making its way down the dirt track, both the HSB volunteers and the gathered crowd met ASK in true Pabré style – with cheers, excitement and an extremely warm welcome.

3.  Children of the local community participating in inclusive sport game 'Blind Running.'

Once the pleasantries had been exchanged, both ASK and HSB got straight to work. Together, the teams split the seemingly ever growing crowd of children into groups to play three inclusive sports games – ‘one arm one leg,’ ‘goalball’ and ‘blind running.’ The games were a huge hit, attracting the attention of over 60 children spanning a spectrum of ages. The aim of this activity was to put the children in the situation of disability and to break the barriers associated with being a person living with a disability.

4. The crowd patiently waiting for the start of the main event.

By the time the games were over, people had flocked from all over Pabré and the surrounding areas to see the main event of the day - the wheelchair basketball game on the rough, sandy unfinished basketball court. Both teams, HSB and ASK, took to the court to warm up and, in a perfect example of sportsmanship, shook each other’s hands and wished each other well. The volunteers from ASK performed a perfectly rehearsed rendition of the Haka to show support for their team. The game began and the crowd reacted like excited pantomime goers, cheering on their respective teams and celebrating outstanding play from both sides. Excellence is what the HSB and ASK teams strive for, training weekly to be the best that they can be, and this was effortlessly shown as they executed enviously high levels of skill, determination and true passion for the game. The blowing of the final whistle signalled a win for team HSB but more importantly, a significant step in the right direction for both organisations.

5. Good sportsmanship

After the exhilarating game, Mr Alfred Ouédraogo (Nicknamed Mr Freddie), HSB’s Chief Executive Officer, took the opportunity to say a few words. He gave thanks to all the distinguished guests and the crowd who had gathered to show their support, the ASK and HSB players for travelling to Pabré to play and ASK volunteers for joining with HSB to organise the event. A special thank you was then given to the Principal of the Lycée Municipal, Mr Jean Claude Ouédraogo, who had been at the forefront of HSB’s warm welcome to Pabré when the new branch was set up last year. Mr Freddie alluded to the fact that Mr Ouédraogo had been the first head teacher in the local community to allow volunteers to raise awareness in his school and welcomed the initiative with open arms, often dropping into relevant sessions to give his opinion on the context of disability in Burkina and willed his students to learn more.
7. Country Director Madame Eléonore giving her impassioned speech.

Next Madame Eléonore, International Service Country Director for Burkina Faso, took to the stage. Eléonore spoke to the crowd about empowering disabled people through sports and the importance of implicating community members in international development activities to increase participation. Eléonore also took this opportunity to congratulate the volunteers of Cohort 20 on the hard work which had evidently been put into the planning of the day’s events.
8. The ICS volunteers' game of wheelchair basketball

After the speeches, it was the turn of the volunteers from both ASK and HSB to entertain the audience. The volunteers took the opportunity to give a wheelchair basketball match a try – Burkinabé vs British. The teams settled into their wheelchairs and tentatively threw the basketball around the pitch before the starting whistle was blown and the hard work really began. The match lasted no longer than half an hour and by the end it was safe to say both the volunteers and the audience had a new-found appreciation for the handibasket players! During the game, only one point was scored, a far cry from the seemingly endless goal scoring of the professional handibasket teams, and the amateur players were exhausted.

9. Lights, Camera, Action!

After a lunch of fish and rice served by the volunteers to all participating, running and viewing the event, the volunteers and team leaders set up a projector and screen in one of the nearby classrooms. Everyone attending the event was invited to watch a short film on disability rights. The film touched on subjects such as family support, relationships and employment. After the projection, some of the volunteers led an engaging awareness raising session and answered any of the questions the audience had on disability, stereotypes and preconceptions. The projection was shown to around 70 people ranging from small children and students to players of the handibasket teams.

10.Esprit d'équipe! TEAM HSB 

From start to finish, the event was a resounding success. Together, Handicap Solidaire Burkina and Action Sociale Koudougou broke social barriers and changed perceptions towards disability whilst creating a day of fun and inclusion for all. Tuesday the 23rd May will be remembered in Pabré for months to come by all that attended the event and the impact of the event has resonated around the local community. Looking to the future, the basketball court will be a constant reminder of the exceptional capabilities of people living with disabilities whilst providing the community of Pabré a safe space for accessible inclusive sport for years to come.

HSB vs ASK – Un Jour Pas Comme Les Autres dans Le Monde Du Développent 

Lors de la semaine six de notre placement s’est déroulé l’évènement de Sport (Basketball) plus précisément le mardi 23 mai 2017. Cet évènement entre dans le cadre de la promotion et la protection des droits des personnes vivant avec un handicap, cheval de bataille de Handicap Solidaire Burkina. C’est également l’une de nos grandes et importantes activités pour la visibilité de HSB. Le sport est un moyen efficace pour l’expression et la défense des droits des personnes vivant avec un handicap.
Cela a permis de démontrer à la communauté et aux yeux du monde que ces personnes vivant avec un handicap, jugées incapables par les autres, peuvent faire aussi du sport et mieux encore au-delà de nos attentes et de nos capacités. Une façon de faciliter leur inclusion dans la communauté et de briser les préjugés que les autres ont sur eux, soi-disant qu’ils ne peuvent rien.
Afin que ce grand jour soit une réussite, nous avons convié toutes les autorités administratives et coutumières de Pabré, la presse écrite, les élèves du Lycée Municipal de Pabré et les volontaires de Koudougou (Action Social de Koudougou) ainsi toute la population de Pabré à y participer.

L’évènement de Basket s’est tenu au terrain au Lycée Municipal de Pabré avec qui HSB a un partenariat depuis qu’elle s’est installée à Pabré. En dépit du fait que le Terrain est inachevé, nous avons voulu monter notre engagement à promouvoir les droits des personnes vivant avec un handicap et notre volonté à terminer la construction du terrain.

Nous avons débuté par des jeux inclusifs. Ces jeux inclusifs consistent à faire comprendre aux participants que les personnes vivant avec un handicap font beaucoup d’effort dans la vie quotidienne, qu’elles rencontrent des difficultés tous les jours. Nous avons aussi le devoir de les comprendre et de les pousser à être autonome. Nous avons fait aussi trois jeux inclusifs ce jour-là, lesquels sont :
« One harm one leg » : qui concerne le handicap physique
« Goaball » : pour le handicap sensoriel
« Bling roaning » : pour le handicap sensoriel
 Après les jeux inclusifs, nous avons eu droit à un match de handi-basket opposant l’équipe de Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) à celle d’Action Sociale de Koudougou( ASK). Nous avons tous été épatés par l’exploit de ces talentueux joueurs sur le terrain de Basket. Ils ont fait preuve de professionnalisme et de « fair-play » durant le match. Ils nous ont tous impressionnés par la qualité et le niveau du jeu. Au coup de sifflet final de l’arbitre, HSB est sorti victorieux. Mais ASK n’a pas déméritée, elle a donné le meilleur d’elle-même.

L’essentiel est que le message que nous avons voulu transmettre est passé, celui de briser les préjugés sur les personnes vivant avec un handicap. En plus de la passion du handi-basket que nous avon vécu, c’est le sport qui gagne!!

Les volontaires à leur tour, ceux de HSB et ASK ont fait une démonstration de handi-basket.
Ils se sont imprégnés de la difficulté du jeu. Mais ça chauffé deh!! Au lieu d’être une séance de sport nous avons assisté à une avalanche de roulade, de roulade avant en fauteuil roulant. C’était vraiment comique !!

A la suite de la démonstration des volontaires, les invités d’honneur ont fait chacun un discours avec bien évidemment le Président et le Vice-Président de HSB :
M. Alfred OUEDRAOGO, Directeur Exécutif de HSB/ Pabré qui a tenu, d’abord à féliciter tous les joueurs pour la qualité du jeu, remercier les autorités pour leur présence et leur patience. Il a surtout encouragé et incité les personnes vivant avec un handicap à se battre quotidiennement afin de s’imposer dans la société.
M. le Proviseur du Lycée Municipal de Pabré, il a encouragé et promis la continuité du Partenariat HSB et ASK.
Mme la Directrice Pays d’International Service au Burkina qui a confirmé l’engagement du Programme ICS avec HSB/Pabré, la défense des personnes vivant avec un handicap. De ce fait, elle a même promis le renforcement de l’équipe d’ASK en matériel de sport.

Après les séances de photos et de félicitations, nous avons eu droit à un lunch bien mérité. Moment que nous avons profité pour échanger entre volontaires, entre volontaires et joueurs et partagé des idées.

            Les volontaires d’ASK ont procédé à une session de sensibilisation aux participants et une projection sur la vie des personnes vivant avec un handicap simultanément. Le film qui a été projeté montre les difficultés auxquelles ces personnes font face au Burkina Faso: des difficultés en famille, dans les relations avec les autres, dans  la recherche et l’obtention d’un emploi.  Et les défis qu’elles ont relevés afin de d’atteindre les objectifs que chacun s’est fixé. Le handicap ne peut empêcher une personne de réaliser ses rêves. La vidéo a montré que le soutien familial est important pour ces personnes afin de mieux s’intégrer dans la société. La sensibilisation des volontaires ASK s’est bien déroulée avec la participation des volontaires de HSB. A la sortie de la session, nous pouvons dire que les participants ont été tous imprégnés de la situation des personnes vivant avec un handicap et du rôle que chacun a à jouer pour l’inclusion des personnes vivant avec un handicap.

En définitive, il faut dire que l’évènement de Basket a été une réussite non seulement grâce à l’engagement des volontaires HSB et ASK mais grâce à la participation de toute la population de Pabré.

Nous sommes sûrs d’avoir changé la mentalité des personnes présentes concernant les personnes vivant avec un handicap. Donc notre objectif a été atteint. Car les jeux inclusifs, le match de handi-basket et la projection se sont bien passés.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

What do ICS volunteers do all day?

"This is mine, what is everyone else having?"
I’m sure you’ve been wondering what it is like to be an ICS volunteer. They’re experiencing things so different and in such a different setting to their daily lives, so it’s pretty difficult to imagine their how they fill their time. Maybe this will shed some light on what to expect in Burkina Faso.

Of course, the week starts with the weekend! The sun rises at 5:30 at this time of year, and the light sets off the nearby cockerels with their cries of cock-a-doodle-doo, beginning a domino effect with all nearby birds, goats, donkeys, dogs, cats, pigs and anything else into a deafening chorus: basically, a Saturday morning lie in is off the cards. Early morning is also one of the few times to be treated with temperatures in the mid-20s. Fetching a bucket of water from outside for a shower is the best way to start the day, before greeting the host family and tucking into breakfast.

Pabré is a small town so in the way of entertainment, the volunteers tend to meet up as a team at the office in the late morning under the shelter. A traditional ginger tea can be prepared to share and local people join in to relax, discuss things in a mixture of French, English and franglais.

Trying on a locally made hat
In the afternoon on Saturday 13th May, some ex-volunteers visited for a barbeque. As the first time anyone had seen chicken in a few weeks, it was relatively quickly demolished with spices and a garlic oil rubbed into the meat. The CEO of HSB, Mr. Freddie, even joined the party. The group-favourite game of UNO also made an appearance with fiercely competitive play. After returning home for 9pm to spend time with host families and after an early start, volunteers tend to have relatively early nights.

The following Sunday was a big market day for Pabré; the market sets up every 3 days and when it falls on a Sunday, it attracts everyone from all surrounding villages and ends up in a big party. Firstly, some chose to go to church where Marc, the burkinabé team leader, is choir master. The array of beautiful bright outfits inspired a few volunteers to visit the market on the hunt for fabric with which to have clothes made. The energy overflowing throughout the normally quiet backstreets filled the air with a sense of life and vitality.

During the week, the day begins at 8 am at the office after a companionable 5-minute cycle in counterpart pairs from the host home, saying good morning to everyone that passes. It’s tradition to individually greet everybody before work begins and see how they slept, along with a click-y handshake thing that is impossible to sum up in words. The team is split into pairs with specific roles to share the work out and take advantage of everybody’s skills.

Goalball, an inclusive sport played by blindfolded participants at Guide de nos Enfants

At around 8:10 after the daily briefing from team leaders and consulting the team calendar, work commences. Sat at a desk or outside in the shelter, the team begins to set about whatever task is most applicable for that day. It may involve planning or working at a computer or even writing a report, as there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into all the big events you will see posted on our Facebook page. Perhaps it would be easier to show you through examples:

Monday morning in the last week (8th May) was preceded by a text to remind volunteers to come prepared for an awareness raising session at 10 am. In preparation, the whole team evaluated the previous awareness raising session in order to improve it further and meet the ICS dimension of continuous development. It was also decided to have English days and French days, where everyone would talk entirely in one language to improve everybody’s skills and confidence. The team leader of the day was announced to be Frankie, British volunteer, who found that being charged with ensuring the productivity of the team no mean feat. After a quick rehearsal of the script and collecting all required materials, everybody cycled to Guide de Nos Enfants through the picturesque gardens at a pace suited to the ever-increasing temperature.

Helping one another when in the situation of disability; another inclusive sport game.

For the next two hours, the dectet stood up in front of a class of students aged around 16 and delivering information regarding disability rights (let’s be honest, the burkinabés were indispensable in their awesome support of the decidedly more anxious Brits). Following passing on information, the 50 young people partook in 3 inclusive sport activities to demonstrate how much fun they can have whilst being able to include people with various disabilities in their activities.

The work didn’t stop in the afternoon after the morning’s success. A plan had to be made for the weekend. This involved an in-depth discussion in both English and French to ensure cultural needs were met but fresh ideas could be brought to the table. Continuing into the next day, these discussions had to form into a detailed project proposal and budget to be later pitched to the head teacher of the school where the event would be held. A banner was also designed to announce HSB’s presence and ensure the brands of HSB, ICS and International Service were clearly on show (something really important as prior to placement, all volunteers had communications training and know how to focus on good marketing).

A student giving a speech in the hope of being voted into the office of the club

Another preparation for this event was to have a general assembly of the 50 members of the new initiative of a student club. Mr Jean-Claude Ouédraogo, head teacher of the school, gave a speech then each role was explained before students proposed their willingness to take on each role. The club members voted in an office of 10 students through a democratic process after some impassioned speeches from the engaged and eager candidates.

New Facebook campaign poster for the office pinboard

Simultaneously, general daily activities such as adding to the blog and posting on social media had to continue. Our social media officers, Rabi and Rebecca, came up with a brand-new Facebook campaign and worked tirelessly to get it ready for launch the following Monday morning. This included intensive research and diligent contemplation (as well as a little dancing around the office to energise and gain inspiration!). The IT officers generally work on posting on social media and increasing the online presence of HSB to further their reach.

Wednesday and Friday saw the start of English lessons for 2 classes at the local Lycée Municipal de Pabré. The students were encouraged to have a debate on the subject “women will never be equal to men in the workplace” by English Officers, Vicki and Hamadou. Perceptions were challenged when the arguments of “women are not as strong as men” were met with an explanation of the UK law meaning that it is illegal to discriminate against anyone in the workplace.

Preparing for a debate

On Friday, the English officers and IT officers also taught English and IT to HSB staff in the spirit of capacity building for to improve the scope of the future of the organisation. 4 HSB staff members and 1 community member engaged in a run-through of the keyboard and basic functions of a laptop before moving onto rudimentary English conversational skills with enthusiastic smiles and were eager to practice as much as possible. The volunteers had researched, planned then delivered all these lessons, and had the responsibility of ensuring cultural elements of English were taught too.

Peer education empowering disabled people to exercise their basic rights and understand the laws applicable to their lives

CEO of HSB, Mr Alfred, nicknamed Freddie, (who is not what you would typically consider a CEO in UK terms; he’s very down to earth and sociable with the volunteers, another sign of the laid-back culture) also ran a peer education session. As a disabled person, his action in educating other disabled people on their rights had a huge and lasting impact upon the participants. Of course, as volunteers, our key role is to support our team leaders, but above all support the partner organisation. Volunteers took a back-seat in this activity, taking notes and generally observing to ensure the event ran as smoothly as possible, then a perspective from the UK was translated into Mooray (the local language) to demonstrate that these people were not isolated in the world and that disabled people are being empowered elsewhere.

Leading the group reflection

Every Friday, the group takes part in a ‘group reflection’ where issues relating to international development are debated, using the ‘Active Citizenship Pack’ which is given to each volunteer. This useful resource is a great stimulus for discussion and greatly used by all members of the team, particularly by the non-native English speakers as an opportunity to progress their language skills.
So, there you have it: do you have a better idea of how ICS volunteers fill their time now? It is incredible how these pastimes become such a normal way of life, so far away from what you could ever imagine before, and near-impossible to articulate.

 le barbecue avec le poulet!

Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle semaine qui marque le commencement de nos activités.

             Afin de débuter la semaine avec le plein d’énergie, le samedi 06 mai  nous avons décidé de passer du temps ensemble autour d’un barbecue et de la boisson bien fraiche bien sûr. Ce même jour nous avons reçu la visite des anciens volontaires, histoire pour nous de nouer les contacts et profiter de leur expérience du terrain pour mieux faire et partager avec eux notre barbecue. Il faut dire que la soirée s’est terminé en beauté et chacun est rentre tout joyeux et revigorer, prêt à relever le challenge.
Toujours dans  la même dynamique de parfaire nos activités, le lundi 08 mai nous avons  tout d’abord tenu à faire une évaluation de notre première session de sensibilisation et du jeu inclusif qui ont été mené la semaine. C’est-à-dire les points bien faits et les points à parfaire. Juste après avoir fini l’évaluation, nous nous sommes dirigés vers le collège « Guide de nos enfants » pour une seconde session de sensibilisation et de jeu inclusif. Les élèves de cette école était ravi de nous recevoir, il faut dire le plaisir était partage. A l’issue de la sensibilisation et du jeu inclusif, nous avons constaté qu’ils sont imprégnés des notions sur le handicap. Ils ont également compris qu’ils ont le devoir d’inclure les personnes vivant un handicap au sein de leur communauté.

les jeux inclusifs pour démontrer les difficultés quand on est en situation de handicap

Il faut aussi ajouter le « team leader du jour », « jour de français », « jour d’anglais » que nous avons mis en place. Le « team leader du jour » consiste à choisir un volontaire de façon improviste qui  dirigera l’équipe pour la journée. C’est une manière pour nous de développer le leadership de tout chacun et  de comprendre nos team leaders. Ce jour c’est Frankie, volontaire britannique qui a été choisi pour accomplir cette tâche. Le jour « d’anglais » et « de français » consiste à choisir ou nous ne parlerons rien que le français ou l’anglais. Une façon d’amener tous les volontaires, nationaux et britanniques à parler la langue des autres. Nous avons choisi le mercredi pour le français et le vendredi pour l’anglais.

 le <<group reflextion>>

       Le mardi 09 mai, journée un peu relaxe, nous avons travaillé sur le programme à mettre  en place pour l’ouverture officielle du Club HSB/Pabre du Lycée Municipal de Pabre. Le programme doit porter sur le déroulement de la cérémonie. La date d’ouverture est le samedi 13 mai 2017, pourquoi ce jour ? Parce que c’est le jour de la kermesse du Lycée et la finale de la coupe du Proviseur du Lycée Municipal de Pabre (LMP). Ce programme se déroulera comme suite :
Discours du Proviseur du LMP
Discours du parrain de la cérémonie, M. le Directeur Exécutif de HSB
Discours du team leader et celui des volontaires
Présentation des membres du bureau du Club.
Apres la cérémonie, nous avons voulu mener des jeux inclusifs.

Les volontaires qui étaient en charge du « group refexion » de la semaine précédente ont rédigé le rapport de cette activité.

     Le 10 mai 2017, nous avons débuté les cours d’anglais, comme prévu dans notre programme d’activité, au Lycée Municipal de Pabre. Plus précisément, la 2nd A. Ces cours s’inscrit dans la but d’améliorer le niveau de leur anglais et faire de l’anglais leur second langue. Aussi dans le cadre du partenariat que nous avons, HSB/Pabre avec ce lycée.

Nous avons reçu la visite du Programme Officer et du Program Manager de ICS. Ils ont eu à s’entretenir avec nos team leaders sur certains concernant nos activités.

Dans la soirée nous avons tenu une Assemblée General avec les membres du club, histoire d’élire les membres du bureau de ce club. Le vote s’est fait par « main levée » et a la majorité simple des membres présents. L’élection s’est déroulée dans la transparence et s’est passée. Nous avons eu les 10 membres du bureau tel que prévu.

L’Education par les Pairs s’est tenu le Jeudi 11 mai au bureau de HSB/Pabre. C’est M. le Directeur Exécutif de HSB, M. Alfred OUEDRAOGO qui a transmis ses connaissances et partage son expérience avec les autres personnes vivant avec un handicap sur leurs droits. Une façon d’amener  l’auditoire à se battre pour leur droit et de ne pas s’attendre de la charité des autres.

Nous avons eu à travailler sur le blog à saisir pour la semaine passée et travailler sur la banderole que nous voulons faire pour HSB/Pabre afin de mieux marquer notre présence lorsque nous avons des évènements.

Pour le dernier jour ouvrable de cette semaine, nous avons poursuivi avec nos cours d’anglais, cette fois c’était avec la classe de 1ere A du LMP de 9h à 10h  et avec le staff de HSB/Pabre de 11h à 12h. Il faut noter que les cours d’informatique ont débuté ce jour-ci avec le staff HSB/Pabre. Un staff vraiment engage et motive à apprendre. La banderole que nous avions voulu concevoir n’était pas terminée le jeudi 11 mai. La conception finale de la banderole s’est faite ce vendredi 12 mai.
    Cette semaine était  bien chargée pour tous……………A la prochaine pour de nouveaux challenges…

Handicap Solidaire Burkina Pabré’s Student Society Initiative

The flag of HSB flew as the elected students introduced themselves in a memorable inauguration ceremony”
What would we do if the ICS program was cut by the UK government tomorrow? What would the impact be on the beneficiaries of our partner non-governmental organisation, HSB Pabré? How could we reduce this impact and plan for a sustainable future? Considering our partnership with the local Lycée Municipal and our success in conducting awareness raising sessions in schools, a solution was conceived: the creation of a student society of committed young people to be trained in running their own awareness raising and inclusive sports sessions as well as promoting the rights of disabled people through organised events.

Mr. Alfred  Ouédraogo, CEO of Handicap Solidaire Burkina

Our Vision:
Handicap Solidaire Burkina foresees a world in which people living with physical, mental, sensory and intellectual disabilities are not marginalised or further impeded by society failing to adapt to their needs. In Burkina Faso, people with disabilities are often unable to access their basic human rights purely because of the widespread perceptions that disabled people are only able to survive through begging and unable to live life in the same way as others. The student society’s objective is to create a body of student ambassadors for the organisation, work to spread awareness of disabilities and the challenges faced by those affected by disability and become diligent in improving their community. Also, in giving rise to a generation of people who know that people with disabilities have the right to access free healthcare and education and are altogether equals to all others, HSB aims for a future where disability will no longer be a taboo topic or a barrier in Burkina Faso.

Exercising the right to democracy in electing the office

The mission of the student society is to plan and run awareness-raising sessions amongst fellow-students and support HSB at their community events. In the interests of sustainable development, the ultimate goal of the assembly will act as local ambassadors in the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities, and to protect and defend those rights within the organisation and in partner organisations. Challenging perceptions of- and including students who live with- disability in all activities within the school will also be an integral part of the society’s work.

The objectives were for this cohort to see recruitment and an election to fill the members of the office running the club, run training sessions for the students and support the office in directing weekly meetings. During the meetings, the club could: debate issues relating to disability; update themselves on current affairs such as any changes to the law or disabled people in the public eye; plan future events and generally grow and learn as young people in their abilities to become active citizens. In the future, the student club will grow and become more self-sufficient in working alongside HSB staff, without the need for ICS volunteers if they are unable to continue supporting them for whatever reason.

Mr. Jean-Claude Ouédraogo, Head Teacher

After speaking to the principal, Mr Jean-Claude Ouédraogo, and advertising the society, over 50 students put themselves forward to be members. On Wednesday 10th May, the first general assembly took place. Mr Ouédraogo gave a speech then each role was explained before students proposed their willingness to take on each role. The club members voted in an office of 10 students through a democratic process after some impassioned speeches from the engaged and eager candidates.

A very captivated audience at the launch

Student Society Official Inauguration
The following Saturday 13th May, the Lycée had their annual party celebrating the end of the school year, and HSB’s student society launch was the main event! Just before the football tournament named after the head teacher, the teams warmed up and the enthused crowd gathered for the biggest sporting event Pabré would see this year and a series of speeches were made. Firstly, the principal made his speech welcoming the initiative to the college and explaining the importance of the partnership with HSB.

National volunteer, Rabiatou Ouédrago

Next, Mr Alfred Ouédraogo, CEO of HSB took to the stage explaining HSB’s mission to the crowd. Born without the use of his legs, he has become a successful and well-respected member of the community of Pabré. The captivated audience deeply valued his word and the elected members of the office listened with interest as their first official introduction to the organisation.
The team leaders spoke to demonstrate the importance of the club in supporting the partner organisation. National volunteer, Rabiatou Ouédrago, delivered a rousing and emotive address, presenting her view of a fairer world in which people living with disabilities are able to live as though their communities are their families. She spoke on behalf of the team to express our gratitude and excitement at the launch of the student society and the tangible transformation of which they could be a part.

The flag of HSB flew as the elected students introduced themselves in a memorable inauguration ceremony. Proudly supported by the whole team of ICS volunteers, the crowd smiled upon the initiative which could signal a new era for the expansion of HSB since recently establishing itself in Pabré.

Inclusive Games
After the spirited football tournament, whilst the winning team collected themselves for the presentation of the cup, HSB were inundated by students and children from the crowd on the pitch for 2 activities: goalball and the ‘blind game’.

Introducing the Team

Goalball is an inclusive sport which HSB uses after awareness raising sessions with the purpose of helping to affirm the idea that disabled people can have fun just the same as them and implicates players within a situation of disability in order to create empathy and challenge perceptions.

A ball containing bells is thrown towards blindfolded participants who rely in their sense of hearing to stop the ball from entering their goal. They then attempt to score a goal themselves. Through this activity, students competed with great attitude and hilarity, learning not to be purely reliant on their capacity to see whilst competing with others in sport. The crowd of football fans loved the game so similar in competitive spirit to their favourite game but with an inclusive twist.

An overwhelming wave of children wishing to take part rushed towards the game with eagerness"


In the ‘blind game’, blindfolded students aimed to cut down prizes suspended from a chord. An overwhelming wave of children wishing to take part rushed towards the game with eagerness and almost drowned the supervising volunteers! Excited to play a part in the game, they quickly realised that it wasn’t as easy as it first appeared and lots of giggles ensued from onlookers.

Aiming for a prize

After a roaringly successful launch, the future looks bright for HSB Pabré’s student society. They will become financially self-sufficient through fundraising activities and be able to run their own events and awareness raising sessions and inclusive sport management. The spirited young people of Pabré are taking control of their local area and taking ownership of prominent societal problems, and their solutions.

The elected members of the office

Dans le but de perpétuer et consolider la mission de HSB, en partenariat avec ICS (International Citizen Service) nous avons eu l’idée de créer un club des élèves du lycée municipal de Pabré, en sachant que l’avenir, c’est la jeunesse. Avec les élèves du lycée du municipal parce que HSB à un partenariat avec ce lycée, les élèves ont suivi beaucoup de sensibilisation et pour tout dire, l’ignorance n’est plus énorme. Bâtir un projet durable par les jeunes de la communauté, Promouvoir un changement positif des mentalités de la communauté, un monde d’égalité où le handicap ne sera plus considéré comme une fatalité ni une marque. Éveiller des ambassadeurs qui vont défendre les droits des personnes vivant avec un handicap à travers tout la commune de Pabré, le Burkina Faso, l’Afrique et le monde.

Les élèves du lycée municipale étaient ravi de cette idée, beaucoup se sont enregistrés en tant que membre du club et ce sont engagés pour son aboutissement. Comme toute structure pour son bon fonctionnement à besoin de membres dynamiques et motivés.

Une assemblée générale fut convoquée pour la mise en place du bureau exécutif du club. Avant de commencer l’élection, le corps professoral du lycée municipal s’est fait représenter.

C’est ainsi que monsieur le proviseur a pris la parole, pour mieux expliquer aux élèves l’importance de leur engagement pour être membre du club. C’était avec grand dévouement, beaucoup d’enthousiasme que les membres du club ont voté à la majorité simple, les futurs membres du bureau.

La vision de HSB à travers la mise en place du club des élèves est d’avoir une société juste, faire accepter les personnes en situation de handicap, éradiquer toutes sortes de discriminations et briser le mythe de différenciation.

Pour officialise l’existence du club, il nous a été loisible de placer son ouverture le jour de la kermesse de fin d’année du lycée, lequel jour voyait en même temps le lancement d’autres clubs et la finale de la coupe du proviseur. Nous savons tous que le football est comme l’arbre à palabre, qui regroupe tout le monde. C’était vraiment une occasion pour nous de profiter faire connaitre ce club qui aura pour mission d’aider HSB à promouvoir les droits des personnes vivant avec un handicap, de protéger et défendre leurs droits au sein de l’établissement et des établissement frères.

C’est dans une ferveur communautaire, une ambiance de grand jour que nous nous sommes retrouvés tous au terrain dans l’après-midi pour l’ouverture du club. Avant le début du tournoi, monsieur Alfred OUEDRAOGO le directeur exécutif de HSB, le proviseur du lycée municipal, les teams leader et une des volontaires ont pris la parole respectivement pour souhaiter le bienvenu à tous ; quelques minutes de sensibilisation sur le handicap. Après les discours les volontaires de HSB et les membres du bureau du club ont fait leur entrée, c’était avec beaucoup d’applaudissement, de joie que la communauté de Pabré et les invités d’honneur nous ont accueilli sur le podium. Les membres du bureau se sont présentés par poste, c’était l’ouverture officielle du club.

Les volontaires de HSB ont accueilli à bras ouverts et avec ces nouveaux membres du bureau du club en leurs promettant de les former pour devenir de vrais ambassadeurs et à la leur tour former d’autres ambassadeurs pour conquérir le Burkina Faso, l’Afrique et le Monde ensemble.

 Cependant le tournoi du proviseur battant son plein, la communauté scolaire était en liesse. Tous étaient concentrés à suivre le match avec des cris, des applaudissements. Ces avec étonnement que les invités d’honneur ainsi que la communauté se sont rendu compte que l’ouverture du club n’était pas la seule surprise que avions prévu pour eux. Mais plus, il y avait aussi des jeux inclusifs (aveuglette et le goalball), que nous avons commencé à la fin du tournoi et avant la remise de la coupe du proviseur. Tout le monde était invité à jouer, les enfants débordaient d’énergie, ils courraient plus vers l’aveuglette parce qu’il y avait beaucoup de cadeau à gagner.

Les jeunes vers le goalball, l’un des jeux que les jeunes aiment beaucoup parce que, sportif, très amusant et à la fois éducatif.
 C’est pour nous une autre manière de les sensibiliser et leurs prodiguer des conseils :

« Personne ne doit être jugée sur la base de son handicap, désormais, faites votre possible pour inclure les personnes vivant avec un handicap dans vos actions de tous les jours

This is what it's all about!

It started on a beautiful Saturday morning, however what was not so beautiful was the colour of HSBs office - it needed to change. We threw on our painting gear and were raring to go. After a solid 3 hours of painting and equal effort from all the team, we had our office looking a lovely crisp white in no time, and the office looked all the nicer for it. The Sunday was a rest day, we relaxed at Vicki’s house and we began our traditional game of uno before watching some films. Pulp Fiction went down a treat. We were planning on going to the local hotel for pizza, ice cream, donuts and roast chicken, however it was closed. What a disaster - this was not what the group had planned.

Monday brought about the start of an incredibly busy week, we had a survey to do as well as our first sports awareness raising session and much more. We started Monday rehearsing our sports awareness script, which was both hilarious and eye opening. Although it was a good start, we had lots of work to do, the British volunteers especially found the French speaking parts difficult. After some lovely goat liver for lunch, Frankie and Gisele had to start the survey. The survey was a very important task due to the fact it was the first cohorts pride and joy, plus we had to interview 100 people, this was going to be tough, but we knew we could do it.

After recieving the survey questions, we had to go to the market to interview some locals, this gave us a great opportunity to eat some food. Frankie and Gisele powered through numerous questionnaires, however they couldnt stay long as the team had to practice our inclusive sport games in time for the sports awareness session. We played goalball, which consisted of two teams with two pairs blindfolded trying to score in each others goals, using a goal with bells so as to hear the ball coming. One arm one leg was a game were everyone gathered in a circle and threw a tennis ball at each other, as soon as one person missed the ball they lost a leg, then a arm etc…the last person standing was the winner. The bucket game consisted of two teams going head to head blindfolded trying to carry as much water without spilling it. All activities were loved by all team members especially Gisele who could not get enough of the activities. It was an incredibly busy day, and one which tired everyone out, but thouroughly enjoyable.

After a well deserved rest by all the team, it was time to commence the survey. We split of in to pairs each heading for a different part of Pabre. The pairs consisted of Gisele and Frankie at the market, Toni and Rabi at Lycee Municipal Secondary school as well as the Marie, Vicki and Hamadou at the local police, mayors office and Gendermerie, and Rebecca and Alasane at the remaining secondary schools. This was going to be tough, very tough, however after an incredible team effort from all the guys, we completed around 85 surveys - an amazing feat. That evening was the first of our student society meetings where Frankie, Gisele, Nouho and Marc met some of the members of the would be student society. We talked about the aims, objectives, roles and responsibilities of the society and what our plans are going into the future.

Wednesday was a half day, this meant spirits were high. We went over all our survey reports discussing the highs and lows and what we achieved from our survey findings yesterday, it became apparent the market was what we were going to target, as this still had not met the quota of 48 people. We decided we would tackle some much needed admin, with Thursday our day to focus on the market and the survey.

Thursday was the day we finished the survey, 100 participants surveyed, what an achivement for all the team. After collecting all the surveys it was left to the courageous Frankie and Gisele to tally all the survey results and come up with factual emperical evidence about the survey results -a tough task indeed. This took a long time indeed but it was completed with great haste. In the afternoon we started our work on the much coverted basketball pitch, we all grabbed a shovel and got to work, this is something which will occupy the next couple weeks, but we got started which really helped.

Friday was the first day of our awareness raising and inclusive sports session and a big day for all of the team involved, after giving the students (mainly aged around 15 years old) an inspiring talk about disabilities, we played the three sport games, goalball, one arm one leg, and the bucket game, they were a massive success and the students not only had fun but learnt a great deal about disability - a great job by HSB. The most popular game was goalball with some epic competition match ups. In the morning we had our group reflection session run by Rabbi and Rebecca and the topic of discussion was diversity and working together. It was a rip roaring sucess and the debate was really flowing.

French Version
Salut !!!
Nouvelle semaine, nouveaux défis. Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous nos activités de la semaine du 29 avril au 05 mai 2017.

Le 29 Avril 2017 était un samedi, dans une même dynamique d’engagement on a peint le bureau de HSB, notre bureau.

Ce fut vraiment une journée pleine de motivation et d’enthousiasme. Nous avons découvert de nouveaux talents de peintre parmi nous. Les volontaires étaient fiers d’eux-mêmes car le travail était très bien accompli : en clair, c’était génial !!!

Le 01 mai 2017, comme la précédente journée, la suivante fut encore enrichissante c’était une journée férié, fête des travailleurs, mais nous nous sommes retrouvés pour les préparatifs de l’enquête, à savoir, les impressions et le partage des rôles.

Dans la soirée nous nous sommes retrouvés au terrain pour des séances d’apprentissage sur le sport inclusif.  C’était vraiment amusant, marrant et en même temps une autre manière pour nous de mieux comprendre les personnes vivant avec un handicap, afin de mieux défendre leurs causes.

Dans la semaine, nous avons enfin fait notre enquête précisément le 2 mai 2017. Cette journée a été vraiment chargée. L’enquête nous a pris toute la journée mais vraiment elle a été bénéfique car elle nous a permis d’apercevoir l’évolution de la mentalité de la communauté de Pabré sur le Handicap après les sensibilisations des cohortes passées.  

Dure journée, mais résultats satisfaisants. On a atteint le nombre de personnes voulues ainsi que l’objectif escompté. Cela grâce à la motivation, au dynamisme et à l’engagement continu de notre cohorte, malgré la canicule de ce jour-là. C’est avec une grande joie que nous nous sommes retrouvés dans la soirée après notre enquête et quelques heures de pause pour rencontrer les ambassadeurs de HSB, c’est-à-dire, les future membres du club HSB des élèves du Lycee Municipale.l

Le Lendemain, une nouvelle journée pleine d’apprentissage a vu le dépouillement des fiches d’enquête ainsi que leur classement en fonction du sexe et la langue par les officiers de ce travail. Nos team leaders ont procédé au « one to one » avec tous les volontaires, en conformité avec les règles de ICS, dans le cadre de la supervision des volontaires. Nous avons rédigé le rapport du « group reflexion » de la semaine dernière par ceux qui était en charge de cette activité.

Notre quatrième journée fut mouvementée, très enrichissante, la sensibilisation avec les élevés de du collège Saint pierre à débuter à 10h. Nous avons reçu un accueil chaleureux du directeur du collège. «Lors de la session de sensibilisation, nous avons remarqué des élevés (classe de  3e) attentionnés et motivés. Ils étaient aussi imprégner de certaines notions sur le handicap. Après la session de sensibilisation nous sommes passées au sport inclusif.

Nous avons eu à faire trois jeux dont le « goalball », le « one arm one leg » et le « bucket game ». Ces jeux avaient pour but de faire comprendre aux élèves la situation des personnes vivant avec un handicap et facilité leur intégration dans la communauté. La jeunesse est le futur d’une nation. Les élèves ont beaucoup aiment les jeux différemment. Dans la soirée, nous avons continué avec  la construction du terrain et la suite de notre one to one.

La cinquième journée fut consacrée au « group reflexion » à un endroit vraiment chaleureux, nous avons échanger sur la diversité du travail en équipe.

Nous avons terminé la journée en beauté avec la construction du terrain de basketball.