Friday, 26 July 2013

Sports Leaders and Sacred Crocodiles

Last weekend we visited the sacred crocodiles in Bazoulé. In Bazoulé the crocodiles and humans are thought to share the same spirit, so if a human killed a sacred crocodile he/she would also have to die. Likewise, if one of the sacred crocodiles dies a human would also have to die. It is believed that the elders of the village can communicate with the sacred crocodiles, and the crocodiles are believed to communicate with the elders to warn them if some harm will come to the village. We got to sit on the biggest crocodile in Bazoulé, which was pretty nerve-wrecking as I've always thought of crocodiles as being vicious creatures and there I was just sitting on the back of one like I was sitting on a chair, but it was really good to do and I really enjoyed it.

During the week I planned a Sports Leaders session for the sports coaches at HSB and the HSB wheelchair basketball team as I have got my Sports Leaders Award from college. This week I had to explain the session I planned out to our national volunteer Franceline and she translated what I wrote into French on paper that so it would be a lot easier to explain it to the sports coaches.

I have also been contacting footballers' foundations, such as the Didier Drogba Foundation, the Craig Bellamy Foundation and the David Beckham Foundation (also known as Look To The Stars Foundation) to try and get them to support HSB's sports programme. Next week I am going to be playing wheelchair basketball and hopefully have a lot to write about my experience playing the sport.

- Danny

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