Sunday, 4 August 2013

University Visit

This week we visited the University of Ouagadougou to see the students studying English in order to present HSB to them, its mission, as well as our roles as both national and international volunteers. In this photo, you can see, respectively, left to right: Danny, Franceline, Myself, Zena, and finally Aminata.

Before going into the lecture hall for our meeting, we were all terrified like little children, with only the thought of facing a massive room with its 2000 pairs of first year students’ eyes.

Finally, after the professor interrupted his class to announce us, we had no choice but to move all the way to the front of the room, openly and publicly. After Aminata presented us, the stress that had formerly overwhelmed us began to disappear. As we went ahead with our presentation, the students cheered us on, nodding their heads more and more: a sign of support for what we were presenting. When we left the classroom, promising to go back and see them, there were no objections - a gesture to our fight for the development of people living with a disability.

As we came out of this experience, we could no longer conceal the big smiles that came to our faces, as if we had just accomplished a saving gesture for human civilisation. This meeting was very fruitful in the sense that, from now on, we are ready to knock on all doors to present ourselves and ask for support with no apprehensions whatsoever. 

- Alexis

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