Friday, 20 September 2013

Sport Leaders Session

A few weeks ago, I ran a Sport Leaders training session for HSB's wheelchair basketball team, with the aim of working on their communication, teamwork, accuracy and reaction skills. I planned out 9 activities, starting with warm-up activities like "Hot Potato" and "Scarecrow Tig," which they loved!

After the warm-ups, we went into 4 different lay-up shots, for example "basic shot," "hook shot," "dummy shot" and "rebound," and then we went on to doing "1 versus 1" as a competition, until we had one winner. 

After that we had a big game, which was quite competitive and very close! The final score was 12-10 and we finished off with just some mess-around shots. The best part about it was that the whole time I was coaching them they always had a smile on their faces, not once did I see someone without a smile on their face, which was incredible, and they even asked me to go back and coach them again.

- Danny

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