Monday, 30 September 2013

A Royal Start!

A very warm welcome to our new volunteers Katherine and Sam joining us at HSB!

On the last day of induction week, the HSB team had the privilege to meet the Moro Naba in person at his palace. The Moro Naba is the emperor of Mossi people in Burkina Faso whose seat of power has prevailed since 1681.

We had the chance to attend the ceremony of False Departure, which takes place every Friday morning outside the Moro Naba’s palace, accompanied with cannon shots and the triumphant entrance of the emperor dressed as a warrior. After this, we were soon to be welcomed in his palace by his court of ministers and by himself.

The Moro Naba cannot address people or be addressed in any language other than Moore, the language spoken by the Mossi people. Through one of his minister, who is in charge of social affairs, Freddy, the HSB programme coordinator explained to the emperor the difficulties encountered by the organization to find land to expand our office and allow better access for people with disabilities. The Moro Naba carefully listened to our request for help as he is an important mediator for social matters. He did not omit to greet us as volunteers coming from the UK and wished us a warm welcome in Burkina Faso. The Moro Naba ensured the HSB team his dedication to their cause and his commitment to help them in their search of a new land.

It was a unique opportunity to meet the Moro Naba and an unforgettable experience for our new volunteers on their first week in Burkina Faso. Memories of this special day will remain but nothing better than a photo to illustrate a fantastic moment.

- Souad

Team Leader at HSB

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