Friday, 18 October 2013

Journée Du Fauteuil Roulant: A Success!

Today is the Wheelchair Day at the “Place de la Nation”. It is organised by Handicap Solidaire Burkina in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Action. This day aims are to promote the work of our NGO and the rights of people with disabilities. Volunteers, members of staff and everyone involved was very anxious to organise this event expecting many guests to attend.

The ceremony started with some delays due to some technical issues, but the guests were on time and eager to listen to our speeches. 

Starting with Freddy’s presentation of HSB, the programme coordinator of HSB

Soon followed by a speech from the president of Handicap Solidaire Suisse, as well as the secretary of the Ministry for Social Action.

We also had some entertainment with performances of singers with disability as well a sport show with a wheelchair race done by our athletes at HSB followed by rewards.

Tigoung Nonma came to take part in celebrating with us on the Wheelchair Day with handicrafts and catering service. Djigui Espoir exhibited its delicious soya products, which included tofu brochettes and soya milk.

During this occasion, HSB took the opportunity to show its work through an exhibition of photos of its Espace Bambino as well as its welding workshop which designs and makes wheelchairs, as well as hand bikes.

There is no doubt that this event was a success. It allowed us to promote HSB to the general public and demonstrate our various work to many NGOs present on the day.

- Franceline
National Volunteer at HSB


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