Sunday, 10 November 2013

Halloween in Burkina Faso and a visit to Koubri!

At HSB this week we have been continuing to work hard on researching funding opportunities, giving English lessons and working on the website and child sponsorship scheme. 
This week was Halloween! It is not celebrated here in Burkina Faso so we discussed with the national volunteers what Halloween was and how we celebrate the day in the UK. Belief in witchcraft is still widespread here, so dressing up as a witch which is common in the UK is not something of the norm here. 

On Saturday we visited Koubri, with the Tigoung Nonma team. It is a village not too far outside Ouagadougou, and we visited a wildlife conservation farm there. We were greeted by the owner, a Canadian who emigrated here in the 1950’s; he has connections with Nazinga and was involved with the establishment of the site. He spoke to us about the changes that have occurred in the numbers of wildlife; he described how there have been dramatic decreases in wildlife numbers since his arrival some 60 years ago. However, there are changes that are taking place in order to increase numbers again. Educating people on the value of wildlife and how it can generate income for villages has seen the establishment of village hunting zones as well as larger sites such as Nazinga.

Walking around the site we saw a variety of animals such as a Chimp, Baboons, Warthogs and a selection of antelope as well as many more. We were able to hold one of the snakes and a couple of turtles and a few of us even fed a couple of ostriches. 

All in all it was an interesting experience to learn about changes to the wildlife and how conservation will occur over the coming years. 

International volunteer at HSB

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