Friday, 22 November 2013

School Workshop & A Weekend Away!

We went with Handicap Solidaire Burkina and all its volunteers went to SCOB, a primary school located in Kamshongin, for an awareness raising session .The aim was to raise the children’s awareness about disability and its consequences in society. The teacher and his pupils gave us a warm welcome. 

Once our presentation was done; we went on with the quiz to check what they knew about disability, and they were eager to learn more. We then played games which related to blindness and physical disabilities. At the end, we were all happy to see that the kids understood the aim of our presence.

Later in the week, were invited to spend the weekend with Sidonie, at her house. After shopping for a whole load of food for dinner, we travelled up to Sidonie's house Saturday afternoon. It was an enjoyable afternoon in the sun preparing the food, and once the sun had set we were ready to eat!

The rest of the evening was consisted of dancing, laughing, games with the neighbourhood children and we finished it sat by the fire drinking tea. It was an amazing weekend; and I’m sure that Sam and Kat have never seen so many stars. Sunday morning we were joined again by Faridatou and her friends, where Souad helped with their homework. We visited the building where Sidonie make a variety of soaps; and she was kind enough to give us a present each (which has come in very useful!!) All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and it was fantastic to escape from the noise and crowds of central Ouaga. 

- Franceline

National Volunteer at HSB

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