Monday, 25 November 2013

University of Ouagadougou - Raising Awareness

We were invited by the Head of the English Language Department at the University of Ouagadougou, for the second time, to meet with third year students for a talk about volunteering, HSB and disability. We met the Head of the Department during HSB’s Wheelchair Day event; and it was then that he invited us to talk to the students.

At the beginning of our presentation, there was fear on the faces of some volunteers not accustomed to speaking to large audiences; there were no fewer than 300 students present for the session. However, the fear did not last because throughout our presentation the students were becoming more interested and they interacted more frequently, thus helping the volunteers to relax.

We conducted a quiz where students answered questions focusing on disabilities in Burkina Faso, the activities and difficulties Handicap Solidaire Burkina face. There was then a questions and answers session where the students asked us questions on HSB, volunteering and our experiences. Originally scheduled for a maximum of an hour, we finally left the lecture theatre at 12:30 where we were thanked with applause. 

- Alexis

National Volunteer at HSB

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