Monday, 27 January 2014

Hello everybody from the HSB team!

This week is the second of our placement at Handicap Solidaire Burkina. We had a lot to do this week because we are preparing an event for the Espace Bambino children. It is the Christmas Party organised at the end of every January, to allow children to enjoy themselves and receive gifts from “Santa Claus”.
This event is a bit different as the children of the Espace Bambino will be able to perform in a theatre play and do some dancing with other able bodied children. We want all the children to be happy and really enjoy this day.

In order to succeed in the organisation of the event, we asked Mr Serge, a student and also dance coach to teach children about theatre and traditional dance. They will perform in front of guests at the Christmas Party.

Children really appreciated this week’s rehearsing session which allowed them to learn many things. It was great to see some beautiful smiles and we ended the week with a basketball training with the HSB athletes.

-National Volunteer at HSB

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