Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Attack of the Dindon

Greetings to all from the HSB team! 

This week we had the honour of meeting the Chief of Kamsonghin, who governs the area in which HSB is situated. We weren’t entirely sure what to expect, and started feeling a little tense when we opened the car boot to find three live chickens, which we were going to give as an offering, (apparently you don’t turn up empty handed).
We were greeted by his family (and a rather aggressive “Dindon” (Turkey)), and then were introduced to the Chief.  The turkey was the size of a small child, had a very large saggy neck and breathed like a 90 year old man.
The Chief was very charming, and after wishing us all a happy 2014, he agreed to talk to the Mogho Naaba about the 5-a-side football tournament which we want to hold on the land surrounding his palace. He also was interested to hear about our “Arbre de Noël”, and even said that he might turn up.

Friday was spent doing “sensibilisation”, when we visited a school called Bilbalogho, and presented HSB, and what it means to be disabled. It was shocking to hear the ideas some of the children had about disability; one child even thought that it was contagious…
We did some games with them, when we showed them what it would be like to be disabled, and it was rewarding to hear that their opinions had changed after our visit, and that they would welcome and help a disabled child.

We are now starting preparation for the Christmas party on Thursday, more to come on that soon!

Heni Ciechanowicz
International Volunteer

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