Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Everyone's a winner!

24th of febuary - 3rd of march 2014                                               TEAM 4 and Freddie
This week HSB held a 5 a side football tournament , in which local people and volunteers helped to raise money for the 'Espace Bambino'. The planning of the tournament took several weeks, but there was still lots being done right up to the last minute, much to our distress as we still aren't quite used to the Burkinabe way..

 The weeks before were spent contacting local football teams and businesses, asking them to attend, as well as handing out leaflets and posters to the public.                                                                                                                                              
We managed to secure a journalist and commentator for the  tournament to make the event even more appealing and encourage the public to attend.
All the HSB staff got involved by helping with the plans of tournament, and we had many meetings throughout the week. We decided to sell broschette sandwiches with salad and pancakes/crepes,which we prepared ourselves the night before (minus the pancakes, which Heni and Jo made at 5 o clock in the morning..) On top of that we created a raffle which involved creative messages and t-shirts to be won. 

Heni and Jo had great fun designing t-shirts for the tournament which were then created by a disabled artisan from Tigoung Nonma. Nearly all of them were bought, and it was great to see everyone wearing them during the day. 
The 5 a side tournament had 5 teams in total with all teams having 7 players . All teams played each other in a league, with the top 2 teams go through in a final . Team 4 and Team 5 finished 1st and 2nd in the league, both with the same number of points. 
The final was a great match with the score ending up as 4-4 (team 4 was 4-1 behind with 5 minutes to go, but managed to pull it out the bag and get it to 4-4). 
The final then went on to penalties (edge of the seat stuff). They were extremely close but the score ended up as 5-4 with  Team 5 lifting up the trophy! 

Team 5 being interviewed by the media! 

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