Monday, 10 February 2014

Christmas at HSB!

Today it's Christmas at HSB!

Today it's a great day at HSB, we are all very busy organising a (post) Christmas party for the children of the Espace Bambino. In fact, these children did not have the chance to celebrate and thanks to the donation received by the volunteering organisations in Burkina Faso with the last cohort, we could buy gifts for the children and take the opportunity to give them a joyful time!

The party started at 3 pm with some introductory speeches from Freddy, HSB'S program coordinator followed by Nathalie, manager of the Espace Bambino. Soon after, the children of the Espace Bambino performed dancing, singing and acting alongside able bodied children to favour integration and inclusion.

It was great and we, as volunteers, even had the chance to perform a little dance to entertain the children and their families!

George, dressed as Santa Claus, symbolically gave every child a gift and they all looked so happy! We even had the national TV coming to cover the event and a Swiss professional photographer to take beautiful photos!

This was a really unforgettable day not only for the children of the Espace Bambino and their families but also  for us as volunteers!

So please don't forget the children of the Espace Bambino next Christmas! Any donation would be much appreciated!

The Volunteers of HSB

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