Friday, 2 May 2014

Brain Training!

This week has been yet another shortened week due to the public holiday or ‘Jour Férié’ on May 1st! Despite this, HSB has had a busy week which included a group discussion where we had a cultural exchange between the National Volunteers and UK Volunteers!

A large part of our week was focused on training HSB staff members and NV’s, learning ourselves along the way as UKV’s!

From word documents to making movies, IT computer training is an important aspect for the organisation so that the staff at HSB are confident in their administrative work, helping towards a sustainable future for HSB and their continuous development. The trainees were very quick to learn new things and were keen on checking their understanding, which made the sessions enjoyable for us all!

Language sessions were also carried out where staff members and NVs joined in on an English lesson which focused on present and present continuous tenses, leading to an unexpected tangent onto animal sounds! For example, “The chicken clucks” and “The chicken is clucking”!

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