Friday, 9 May 2014

Watch this Espace...!

Hello! This week we volunteers were busy planning and working on HSB’s ‘Sponsor a Child’ scheme!

Some of you may have noticed that the ‘Sponsor a Child’ pages on the HSB website are currently under maintenance. After discussion with HSB staff, it was decided that the design of the scheme will change.

The ‘Sponsor a Child’ project has achieved great results thanks to a lot of hard work from previous cohorts, none of which has gone to waste. All the information that has been gathered will enable HSB to move forward with the new system which aims to make the process of donating more straightforward. From now on, all donations to the scheme will be combined into a general fund which HSB will allocate according to their knowledge of each child, their needs and how the donation can most effectively be used.

Adeline is one of the children who will hopefully benefit from the scheme. Thanks to free physiotherapy sessions delivered by HSB’s Espace Bambino, Ade was able to learn to walk, greatly increasing her chances of an independent and active future.

We have seen a lot of Ade in the last week, as she has been accompanied to some hospital consultations by Nathalie and Alexis. The consultations brought some positive news:  hopefully, she will have an operation at the end of the year which will improve the mobility in her left hand. This operation will cost approximately 80,000-90,000CFAFranc (£100-£115GBP), enabling her to live a fully independent life.

We hope that the updated scheme will be up and running by next week, so keep your eyes peeled for information about how to donate and support HSB and the children of Espace Bambino!

HSB UK and National Volunteers

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