Friday, 14 November 2014

Getting creative at A B PAM school

A big hello from the HSB team - 

It's Olivia here! As we've had a really busy week this week we haven't all been able to sit down and write separate paragraphs, so I'm going to fill you in myself on some of the things we've been getting up to!

At the beginning of the week, we spent time planning English lessons for the staff of HSB, so they can use English to communicate with other organisations on a more global basis and have a big social media presence. Caroline, being a former English teacher in France herself, helped us plan lessons for the HSB staff; going through the basics of teaching and English grammar itself. I had a sudden realization of how hard English actually is to learn as a foreign language with all its bizarre rules and regulations!

Yesterday morning, once again we joined up with the HSB inclusive sports team, and I went to visit A B PAM school for children with visual impairments. We started off with the sports session, greeted by the infectious enthusiasm and energy of the kids despite their difficulty with seeing. However, for the first time since arrival, we then went and carried out an art lesson with the same children! The kids were given a circular piece of cardboard (all of which came from Ross’ laughing cow cheese addiction) and had wooden sticks chopped into different sized pieces, and long and short pieces of string. We sat them down, and after gluing all their cardboard pieces, they started to design their piece! What struck me was how enthusiastic and determined the kids were to make a great piece of work, despite the majority not being able to see whatsoever. They all had so much fun and it was so rewarding to watch! 

Our week has closed with another visit to the wonderful welding workshop. We were greeted once again by that sweet apple cinnamon tea mentioned before, much to our delight! The lovely guys at the workshop were in the process of creating a tricycle and looked hard at work. Our love for the welding workshop became deep-rooted after the amazingly relaxed and happy vibe that strikes you as soon as you enter- all of us are extremely keen to go back ASAP, when we can find a spare moment in our hugely busy schedule! 

Finally, a phone call this morning helped end this week on a hugely happy note as a woman called to say she would like to donate 20 spare wheelchairs to the children of Espace Bambino - so exciting!!

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