Thursday, 23 April 2015

Preparations of the Festival Passana

We started the week two of our placement by planing activities we will do during these ten weeks. It will be principaly raising awareness in schools and universities, handi basket and tenis training, shadowing with HSB satff and helping them to raise founds. Later during the week, we had a meeting with HSB staff in order to learn more about the organisation. It permitted us to know that HSB has been created in 2002 by Handicap Solidaire Swiss and has about 300 members in all the country. HSB works to promote rights of people with disability and for their active participation to developpement of Burkina Faso. HSB activities consist essentially in reinforcement of capacity of people with disability through six programs that they implement. HSB is unfortunetely confronted to financial, sanitary, infrastuctural and communicational problems. We have been asked to work hard during our placement to help HSB to solve some of these problems.  On Thursday, we had an exchange about the topic "ICS and you". Led by Ted and Armelle, this exchange permitted us to talk about why we applied to the ICS program, what we expect to bring and learn by the ICS program and what we will do after our placement to contribute to change our world. We ended the week by a meeting with HSB staff to prepare our participation to the Festival Passana. We are excited!

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