Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The first awarnes raising session

Week 4 has been another busy for the HSB team! We were rarely in the office this week as we visited and took part in a number of exciting activities!
We delivered our first awareness raising session in a primary school named La Paix. The session was organised by Kadare one of the Burkinabe volunteers and was the former school of our team leader Cedric! There were 130 incredibly excited pupils aged between 10 and 12 years old.
The first part of the session consisted of a question and answer discussion about the children’s opinions on those with disabilities – the children were really keen to have their views heard and we gave sweeties for the best answers!

Their excitement rose as we headed outside to play a relay race involving transporting water when blindfolded, on crutches and having no fingers (simulated by having socks cover their fists). It became quite competitive very quickly as the children realised that carrying a cup of water with a simulated disability was much harder than they had first imagined when we proposed the game! All of the children were desperate to have a go! We were able to give the children the chance to experience (if only briefly) some of the difficulties and challenges that people with disabilities face every day. Through reflection questions after the game it was clear for all to see that the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about those with disabilities and found the whole experience enlightening!

However , the highlight of the week was probably the visit to the welding workshop. We were  particularly moved by the creative and positive spirit of the welders (who were disabled themselves) and their commitment to ensure those with disabilities in Burkina were able to have specifically adapted and therefore more practical tricycles and wheelchairs.

At the end of the week we were able to participate in our first Handisports basketball training session!
It was very entertaining for all the spectators!
and by the moving  on basketball terrain which marked more because we were enjoyed well with British and the HSB handibasket team.

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