Monday, 4 May 2015

This week was short and very rich in activities.

It first began with English classes which were given to Nathalie. She was proud, especially as she is looking forward to receiving another course we promise to deliver him the coming days and with pleasure.
Then we were led to a mid- term review to see if we tend toward the goals we set at the beginning of placement. This assessment allowed us to see that we are on the right track but there is still much to do to achieve good results that will give us satisfaction.
In addition, Alima was kind enough to take Katharine and Kader internship, which we call commonly shadowing. They were given the privilege of learning that a good secretary must do as work and were also able to teach him how to make Facebook posts.

The shadowing katrarine and Kader with Alima
We also participated in a panel discussion on development. This exchange has given us the opportunity to have some understanding of the development including its definition, development actors and the importance of the organization of the United Nations works for peace in the world, the eradication of poverty and promotion of human rights.
Then we had organized the Table Tennis game to Bambino Area. This allowed the children to discover and many are amused.
Table tennis played by children Space Bambino

This beautiful week ended with "action at home" a former volunteer named Biba which focused on the importance of sport for people with disabilities. It took place in three stages.
The first step was a discussion at the place of parents to enable them to encourage children to practice sport. This can allow them to develop their abilities both intellectual and physical, and it will expand their circle of friends.
Discussion with the children of the parents company
Then , parents and children have tried a game for people living with a visual impairment called the " boccia "
Finally, we have received the testimony of athletes HSB team

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