Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Discussion with Somgande Amnesty International

On Tuesday 14th July we had a discussion to further raise awareness of the abilities of a disabled person and the importance of social inclusion. We presented to a group of Amnesty International volunteers for the Somgande group, demonstrating to them the games a person can play regardless of their inabilities; a blind person can partake in sports the same way a person with eyes can, just in a different way. By UK standards, change is slow, but not impossible. We tackle these issues on the ground on a small scale, with the hope of making a longer lasting change. We are changing Burkinabe perception one person at a time, with the hope these new perceptions will be relayed and passed on. At the start of our discussion one person genuinely believed that a blind person could not go to school or play sports. By the end of the discussion, he was able to actually see how (self admittedly) wrong this belief was. We ended our discussion with a question; how would they feel if they themselves or someone they loved were disabled and ostracised from society? This had seemingly profound effects, with each admitting it would be a lonely world to be in.

Change may be slow, but not impossible.

Amnesty International volunteers play goal ball

Biba teaches goal ball

A discussion between HSB volunteers and Amnesty International volunteers

An Anesty International volunteer plays goal ball
Everyone that joined us on this day

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