Monday, 13 July 2015

Cohort 13: Week Three at HSB!

ATS wheelchair
The third week has been a busy week, with many activities to get our ideas materialised. 

On Tuesday, we visited the ATS workshop to trial spray painting the wheelchair. This was done so that anyone who uses the wheelchair would be also advertising the ATS workshop and bring in more customers. As we were just using the stencil there was quite a lot of bleeding as the acetate was not flat on the wheelchair. Furthermore, there was a problem with spray painting directly onto the wheelchair, so we were told they would buy material from the market to put on top of the wheelchair.

On Thursday, we had a huge turn out at Espace Bambino. There were many games played between the children and the volunteers spent one-on-one time with many of the children. We were also introduced to some new games that the children played in Burkina Faso. One game was like a version of UK ‘Duck Duck Goose’ but instead of physically tagging the person before they sat down with their hand, they left a shoe behind them and had to tag them with that shoe. 
Kando Epiphanie (centre), children with disabilities with their mothers at Espace Bambino

The local children often join the children of Espace Bambino for games. They are often very resourceful when it comes to coming up with things to do. And you will always find them making and fixing things that they play with. They were also playing a skipping game, where they would write the number of skips they got on their arms. They would line up and clap each time a new child played. It is difficult deciding what games to play with the children because of their different disabilities, whether cognitive or physical sometimes it is hard to tell. Furthermore, they are different ages and have different interests but our aim is to involve every child in activities.

A local child writes the number of successful skipping jumps on the girls arm

Local children fix a bike after the chain falls off
We also went to the wheelchair basketball session with the other team we share an office with, ISD, where the wheelchair basketball team was being taught technique by the previous team leader of HSB, Cedric. Their abilities are high but they do not have much technique. Then the clouds came in and we had to run for cover. 

The volunteers have also been shadowing members of staff at the HSB office this week. We've also had more discussions stemming from the ICS journals. We had a discussion on debt and the problems concerning developing countries paying back their debt. We discussed how countries were unable to help themselves, for example in health and education, when they had so much debt to pay back. However, we discussed whether the loan would be given if it would not be paid back.

Children line up to play a skipping game with Lydia Porter and Kando Epiphanie

HSB and ISD team up to practice their basketball skills

Five wheelchair users turn up to practice basketball

Previous team leader of HSB Cedric teaches technique to the wheelchair basketball players

The dark clouds move in over the basketball court and practice ceases

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