Monday, 27 July 2015

Joint Awareness raising at Gounghin Market with TN and HSB-ISD

Biba and Epiphanie conduct a discussion with children from the market
On Friday 24th July we teamed up with TN and HSB-ISD to deliver a presentation on disabled people at Gounghin Market. We had to get up early - 6am! - to secure a place and set up a marquee, quite literally in the middle of a road. One larger group stayed under the marquee to deliver our speech on living with disabilities and the need for their inclusion in Burkinabe society. There was music played at the marquee and the speech was delivered using a microphone to draw a large crowd. The group asked different members of the audience true or false questions to see what they had learned from the discussion. Furthermore boccia and goal ball were held under the marquee and local children enjoyed playing the games.

The rest of the volunteers were split into smaller groups and went into the market to talk to stall holders and groups of customers to further spread the word. Things were slow to begin with; although we arrived at 6am foot fall did not pick up until around 9am. Keeping the locals attention proved difficult, although offering them prizes when they answered questions correctly seemed to help with this. Most of them spoke Moore and so it proved difficult even for those speaking fluent French. The market itself was a little daunting at times, with people trying to sell things to you. However, many people were willing to listen to what was being said and were agreeable for the most part. It’s hard to say whether the event was successful, as with most of the events we have held, because the outcomes of changing a person’s perceptions are not immediately or easily seen. We can only hope there will be positive long term changes as a result.

Le vendredi 24 juillet nous étions au marché de Gounghin pour une sensibilisation. Il y eut trois équipes associées pour cette sensibilisation. Il y avait équipe de TN (Tigoung Nooma) celle de HSB (Handicap Solidaire Burkina) et celle de ISD (Inclusive Sport Développement). L’ensemble des volontaires de ces trois équipes fut divisé en trois groupes. Un groupe qui se promenait pour sensibiliser les commerçants au niveau de leurs boutiques. Le deuxième groupe interpellait les commençants ambulants pour les sensibiliser. Et le troisième groupe était sur place pour sensibiliser ceux qui venaient voire les expositions de TN et les femmes qui venaient faire leur marché. On avait des petits cadeaux pour ceux qui répondaient aux différentes questions que nous posons.

Il y avait des portes – clé, des maggis pour les femmes et des bon bons pour les enfants. Il y eut du monde et l’ambiance y était. C’était très intéressant. Après trois heures de sensibilisation les trois groupes se sont retrouvés pour ensuite se dispensés.