Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Awareness Raising at Tags Beogo!

The association of Tags Beogo

Notre première sortie de sensibilisation a eu lieu le Samedi 11 Juillet 2015 à la maison des jeunes du secteur 16 (Pagalayiri). L’association “Tags beogo” qui est une association de personnes en situation de handicap était la population. À 8h-30mn l’entretien  avait déjà commence. Après l’intervention de tous les volontaires une demonstration de sports tels que le Boccia et le Goal ball a été faite par ces personnes. L’assistance était estimée à environ 100 personnes à la fin.

Our first awareness raising session took place on Saturday 11th July 2015 at ‘The maison des jeunes de la culture du secteur 16’. The association is called ‘Tags beogo’ which means ‘think of tomorrow’ in Mooré. This association is composed of people with disabilities. At 8:30 we started the awareness raising by holding a presentation with true or false statements such as ‘a blind child must go to school’ including interaction with the audience. After HSB’s team presentation on people with disabilities and their rights, we played games such as Boccia and Goal Ball. These are games designed for people with disabilities. For example, Boccia is like the UK game Bowls where you have to roll a ball nearest another ball which is good for people with cognitive disabilities. The other game we played, Goal Ball, is a game for people who are blind and people who have problems with their legs. You try and score a goal through a line of three people by rolling the ball with your hands. At the end of the event we counted that there were more than 100 people were present.

Members of the association play goal ball with HSB volunteers

The HSB team, from left to right, Kando Epiphanie, Lydia Porter, Issouf Boundaone, Lucy Stirrat, Sampoe Gninki, Valeriya Porogelova, Biba (team leader), Ashley Drake

The HSB team give their presentation in Moore

Issouf Boundaone and Ashley Drake teach the association Boccia

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