Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Week 4 at HSB!

Week four consisted of preparation for events we had going on that week. On Tuesday we had an awareness raising session for volunteers at Amnesty International based in Burkina which went smoothly, as our audience were very interested in discussing the topic and giving their opinions regarding the rights of people with disabilities and then getting involved in the inclusive sports games for people with disabilities. One of the British volunteers started a shadowing session with Nathalie (assistant at the HSB drop-in centre) this week which involved helping with clarifying translation of certain documents regarding HSB funding, however it was cut short by a power cut. The week continued with finishing the promo material for the event we held at University of Koudougou (100 km from Ouaga) and working together with the HSB-ISD team in preparation for this event which took place on Thursday. Our week finished early as Friday was the celebration of Eid (end of Ramadan), so everyone had a well-deserved day off after a gruelling day in the sun, full of activities at Koudougou.  

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