Monday, 10 August 2015

Open Day at HSB! Journee Porte Ouverte!

Le vendredi 07 août 15, handicap Solidaire Burkina a organisé une journée porte ouverte en son sein au quartier Kamsonghin. L’évènement n’a pas été à la hauteur des attentes des organisateurs de l’activité. Cela a été un échec non seulement par le manque d’affluence de participants, mais également par le manque d’une implication participative de ladite organisation non gouvernementale. La pluie n’a pas été également en reste surtout dans cette période pluvieuse. Les adverses pluvieuses nous ont chassé très top vers les 14 heures, juste après un balancement de délestage électrique. C’est sous la pluie que nous nous quittâmes vers les 16 heures, tout en se donnant rendez-vous à la prochaine journée porte ouverte.

Our primary objective with HSB is to raise awareness of the rights for those with disabilities in Burkina Faso, but to raise awareness effectively, we decided it was important to increase the profile of HSB. To achieve this goal, an open day was arranged, located at the HSB office building. We hoped to increase the recognisability of our work in the area and our public image in general.

We decided to formally invite TN (Tigoung Nonma) to cohost our open day as our goals seemed well aligned; we want to increase awareness of handicap rights and they need to sell merchandise created by disabled people. They also provided an excellent catering service, which the volunteers of HSB and TN cooperatively prepared, cooked and ate. The beef brochettes.. Well.. Lucy ate them all! 

The turn out was unfortunately rather small, the children of the local area came in force but there was an apparent lack of adult attendance. Upon reflection we decided the group should have both been advertised more aggressively and the day changed to a weekend where, presumably, adults could more easily attend. 

The food provided by TN, music and local children made for a good day for both Volunteers and attendees alike. It is important however, to pass down advise regarding timing, planning and advertising to future volunteers in the hope the issues we found can be avoided.

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