Monday, 3 August 2015

Week 6 at HSB!

With the ISD team departing to stay at a sports camp for a week, the HSB-ISD premises were fairly quiet. On Monday and Tuesday we started brainstorming ideas for the open day at HSB, a day designed to advertise the activities we do here, such as Espace Bambino and the Aide Technique et Soudure (ATS) workshop. We also aim to print the leaflets that Ash has been designing and producing for the duration of his time in the office.

Poster for HSB Open Day

 Furthermore, we had another ICS discussion about globalisation and interdependence. We discussed the interdependence of countries on resources and manufacturing and the responsibility of global companies to maintain fair standards. 

We have been joined at Espace Bambino every Thursday by students from the Swiss Handicap Solidaire partnership who have been speaking with the mothers of the children with disabilities to improve their care here in Ouagadougou. They have brought various things to help with the children, such as sensory boards and a hammock. They created a soft seat out of foam for one child who had open sores on his backside. They passed on information about the children, translated onto cards with the names at the top, for future cohorts and Swiss students to use when they arrive. They include guidance for physiotherapy and activities that the children have difficulty with, as well as activities that they adore. One girl loves water and has problems with her legs so she has been helped to stand while playing with water. It is also important for us to encourage the children to write and draw, so that they will have a better start at education. 

On Friday there was a power cut for the entirety of the day and so volunteers left the HSB office to access internet to research wheelchairs in Europe. This is because the ATS workshop may benefit from diversifying and updating their products. There was research done into headrests on wheelchairs which could be beneficial.

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