Tuesday, 13 December 2016

26 Things you will learn living in Pabre...

1)      When greeting someone, you need to ask about everything. How are you? How is your house? How is your family? How is work? How is your health? How is your dog?  Only to repeat these questions, once you have sat down.

2)      The work is extremely challenging (especially if it is hot), but rewarding.

3)      Do not get attached to the animals at your house, you don’t know when they might become your next meal.

4)      It’s too easy to order something that seems to be lamb, but it really donkey.

5)      Who needs an alarm clock when you here donkeys screaming through the night?

6)      Awareness-raising means that you have to learn a lot about the work you are doing as well- it is a very insightful activity.

7)      Three table spoons in your cup of tea is a standard.

8)      Be prepared for black-outs.  There is always a ‘plan b,’ for electricity cuts at work.

9)      ‘I speak English small-small.’

10)   If you want someone to meet you at 9 o’clock, tell them to come at 8.

11)   It is quite enjoyable to see the stars on a night bucket shower.

12)   At work, you end up speaking a mix of Moore, French and English.  Mofrelish. 

13)   30C is apparently cold enough to complain about the weather and put on your woollies.

14)   Bring a head torch.  Nothing is harder than going to the loo in the dark when you’re half asleep.

15)   Burkinabes love mobile phones.

16)   Market day means dolo day.

17)   The sunsets are 376478 times better in Burkina Faso.  Especially, at the barrage.

18)   International women’s Day is a big deal- everyone has got the t-shirt, literally.

19)   Holding hands is a sign of friendship.

20)   Don’t be scared when you see your 2-year old host sister playing with the machete/pick axe.

21)   Driving is a dangerous sport on these roads.

22)   You will probably need to get your bikes fixed three times a week.

23)   Give up on cleaning your feet.

24)   The fruit tastes a lot sweeter- especially if you get it from the Jardin.

25) It will be one of the best and most rewarding experiences of your life.

26) You will learn a lot about international development, rural communities and disability rights.

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