Thursday, 19 January 2017

Cohort 19, meet the Super-team.

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (Pabre) - Cohort 19

As we enter the primary week of our placement in Pabre and proceed with some opening activities, it’s important to take a moment to underline our objectives for the next three months and introduce every members of our team to the world. The objectives pursued by the first cohort was heavily focused on establishing a presence for HSB in Pabre as part of its strategy to expand its services in the region. The first Cohort were also instrumental in ensuring that the relationship between HSB and International Services continue to produce positive and encouraging results, which were certainly evident in the following it cultivated and the level of awareness it raised in the region within a three months period.

This unprecedented level of success is inspiring and thus gives us added responsibilities in our quest to ascertain that we continue to maintain the high intensity of work and impact already established by the previous cohort and successfully expand the services of the organisation in the region. We also intend on continuing some of the activities already started and executed with success by the previous cohort.

-       The Team
We have a very diverse team made up of individuals from various backgrounds and provide an opportunity for a successful cultural integration and most importantly gives us an opportunity for an effective transfer of knowledge, skills and high productivity levels.

Team Leaders

Nouho Bakayoko (UK TL)

Having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business and Management from Aston University, (Birmingham, United Kingdom) and cultivating a thirst for working in the field of International Development through his experiences of studying and working abroad in countries such as Spain and Czech Republic, Nouho joined the ICS Programme in an attempt to harness his leadership skills and gain a considerable level of experiences to mount a solid challenge in its quest to improve his career prospects in this sector. He enjoys working with people from various backgrounds and truly believes that solidarity, focus and willpower will provide the foundation for success in Pabre.

Zongo Cyrille Wendyanaba Korentin (ICV TL)

Having successfully led the first cohort in establishing a presence for HSB in Pabre, Cyrille aims to maximise on this learning experience by making a solid contribution to the mission of this team in assisting HSB to expand its services in Pabre. His ambition is to climb the ladder of success in the field of development and have a positive impact upon the lives of others. He also wants to master some skills in project management through this ICS programme and become a great leader. Cyrille posesses a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Management of Orgnizations.

Dobane Aminata

Aminata is a soon to be first year student in History at University having recently obtained the required qualification to further her education. She joined the ICS programme with the objective of sharing her knowledge with others; develop a proficiency of English as well as the capabilities to contribute to the development of Burkina Faso.

Anisa Amoako (18 Years Old)

Having recently graduated from college where she studied Economics, Geography and English, Anisa is taking a gap year before proceeding with her academic career. Her favourite subject at college was Geography which has given her background knowledge on the many travelling destinations across the world. This certainly did play a part in her decision to join the ICS Programme but for her, the opportunity to part of such a positive and great cause was impossible to ignore. She thinks that this project is not only a great chance to do her part in making a difference but also an opportunity for personal development and new experiences.

Adam FIsher

Adam chose to join the ICS programme with International Service as he is very interested in pursuing a career in development, especially after studying International Relations at University. During his placement, he hopes to gain first-hand experience of what it is like to work on the ground with such an organisation. Adam is also very excited to learn from his counterparts and immerse himself in the culture of Burkina Faso. Furthermore,  working with the partner HSB is a prime factor in its excitement as he believes in what it is trying to achieve and looks forward to assisting the team on its future activities.

Chelsea Barbour (19 Years Old)
Having studied Animal Management at Reashealth College (UK) and applying her trades in a care home as a Care Assistant, Chelsea is looking forward to mastering every aspect of the HSB project. In particular, she is looking to build on her previous skills, learn about the Burkina Faso culture as well as the local language (Moore).

Lauren Schofield (24 Years Old)

Lauren studied Psychology at University and has applied her skills to great effect in mental health since graduating. She possesses a passion for helping and caring for others and this majorly influenced her decision to join the ICS Programme. She is thrilled to be in Burkina Faso and relishes the amazing opportunity to be living and working within this exciting culture. She hereby hopes that our inputs as a team can help make a difference in Human Rights in Burkina Faso.

Yabre Narcisse (25 Years Old)
Narcisse has taken on the ICS Programme with a huge feeling of satisfaction as he aims to deliver on the various hopes he has in store for the programme. For starters, he welcomes the rich experiences that come with working with people from different cultures as well as the opportunity to gain an understanding of their traditions, way of living and the way they behave. In addition, he is very keen to learn english which he feels is quickly becoming a very important language in the world. To conclude, Narcisse feels that the chance to work with disabled people was a prime factor in his decision to join the ICS programme which was too big an opportunity to turn down.

Beatrice Palo (25 Years Old)

Already possessing a Bachelor Degree in Business Law, Beatrice plans to do a Master in Children Law and Protection. Her motive for joining the ICS programme is to help others and she is very happy to be part of this team which she hopes will work well together to impact positively on the world. Her personal objectives are threefold: first she wants to help as much people as possible, and she also wants to make friends and improve her English.

Ouedraogo Kiswendsida Aziz (24 Years Old)

Aziz studied Macroeconomics and Development Management at University and his objectives upon joining the ICS programme is to make the most of his contribution to the success of our mission and acquire in return an experience in the field of local development.

Megan McClellan (21 Years Old)
Having just completed her degree in Bio-Chemistry at Sheffield Hallam University,  Megan puts her motives to joining the ICS programme down to the need to experience a different culture and hopes that she can have a positive impact on the people in Pabre. She regards herself as a very social person who enjoys being around and meeting new people. She is looking forward to getting to know the people of Pabre and hope that by the end of the experience, she can accepted into their community.

Alex Bambara (23 Years Old)

Alex possesses a Degree in Economic of Science and Management along with Economic Management of Enterprises and Organisations. He decided to participate on the ICS programme as a way to do something honorable by assisting to the development of his community. Among the many objectives and goals Alex has set for himself, he hopes to discover the reality and difficulty faced by people living in rural areas and contribute to the improvement of their conditions. He looks forward to working with different personalities and develop a spirit of leadership. The potential enhancement of a solidarity spirit which comes with the territory of teamwork is something he hopes to encounter along with learning a new language, discover new cultures and making long lasting connections. Finally, Alex hopes that his experience will serve as a catalyst in improving his competencies and readiness for the world of work.

Nick Taylor (21 Years Old)
Having developed a huge interest in politics (at both domestic and international level), Nick decided to study International Relations at Swansea University. He also has a passion for International Development and Human Rights as he believes that everyone should have equal rights and development. This along with his inner motivation to help those in need played a major role in his decision to join the ICS Programme. He believes that this gives him the chance to visit a new country/culture but most importantly gain vital experiences in the field of development. This he is certain will help him to get a good job after completing the programme. In his own time, Nick is an avid sports fan and loves football, cricket and windsurfing.

Abdoul Aziz Nikiema (25 Years old, Burkinabe)

Aziz is a computer science student; he has just passed his bachelor degree. Aziz decided to join ICS in order to explore new areas and learn new things. Aziz is motivated to learn more about himself. He is looking forward to be a good leader so he is commited to learn about team work. Aziz really want to develop his English speaking skills as well.
Aziz’s bream is to be a great Technology manager, the ICS experience is thus an opportunity for him to build strong management skills.


  1. Have a great placement, I am sure youre team will be able to impact positively in various ways, on each other and on the community! Looking forward to hearing more about your project.

  2. Have a great placement, I am sure youre team will be able to impact positively in various ways, on each other and on the community! Looking forward to hearing more about your project.