Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Meet The Fantastic Ten!

So off we go again! There’s a new team in town made up of eight British and Burkinabe volunteers. With each individual having a story to tell and feeling driven and determined to make a difference in the community, the energy in the team has been lively, positive and encouraging. There’s no doubting of the magnitude of our mission – which is to strengthen the capacity of Handicap Solidaire Burkina in protecting and promoting the rights of disabled people in Burkina Faso. The last two cohorts did extremely well to help the organisation gain a strong foothold within the community as well as changing community perceptions of disabled people through awareness raising activities and peer educations. The onus is now on us, Cohort 20, to continue the good work and we have a busy few months ahead of us. Planned activities include staff training, awareness raising activities and community infrastructure development.

 Team Leaders: 

Nouho Bakayoko: (Left) UK Team Leader

Nouho led the previous cohort (19) to achieve unprecedented success for Handicap Solidaire Burkina as the team went beyond the norm to achieve set goals and objectives. As we enter a new era, he remains driven and determined to make a positive lasting change in the community through the activities with the partner. Indeed, the challenge is huge but Nouho is expected to utilise the knowledge, skills and experience developed whilst working with the previous cohort as a blueprint for success. 

Marc Ouedraogo: (Right) In Country Team Leader
Marc completed his undergraduate degree in Law and decided to spend some time working within the field of human rights broadcasting. Having no prior knowledge of HSB, he wanted to work with the partner as he believed that disabled people have rights and should be treated fairly. For Marc, disability does not spell an end for the disabled human being and he’s driven to work as hard as possible to change the mentality of people within the community. 


Vicki Harradine, 21 –

Having accidentally fallen into a career caring for adults with learning disabilities, Victoria found a passion for supporting and empowering these individuals. However, she doesn’t enjoy staying static, so how better to keep moving than travel thousands of miles to visit a culture where the challenges faced by disabled people are heightened by a lack of awareness? She hopes that the next 3 months can be a time of mutual development for HSB’s staff and beneficiaries as well as herself and the team; to help other people to evolve, Victoria feels that she must be open to self-evolution.

Alasane Berba, 25-

Alasane is currently studying Human Resources Management at University and chose to join the ICS programme in the quest to develop his personal and professional attributes. In addition, he chose Handicap Solidaire Burkina as his preferred partner organisation to work with as by his account, this would enable him to share his knowledge and skills to the organisation and thus strengthen its capacity to protect and promote disabled people’s rights. Beyond his dream to excel professionally, Alasane adds that he would always like to have time to help those in need.

Antonia Ruta, 19 –

After finishing studying musical theatre for 2 years, Antonia decided to go completely off her original route and took a gap year. During this time, Antonia has worked as a personal assistant to be a young disabled girl, and this has led her to discover ICS where she could not only embrace an entirely new culture but also work on a project she completely believe in. Looking to the future, Antonia hopes to begin classes for children and young disabled adults where they’re able to escape everyday life and immerse themselves in the power of dance, singing and acting.

Rabiatou Ouedraogo, 24 - 

A postgraduate student in ‘Communication in Organisations’, Rabiatou would relish the opportunity to serve her country as a Communication Officer for an elite organisation after her studies. She is passionate about advertising and thus would like to specialise in this domain which she hopes will open doors for her to create her own advertising agency in the future. Rabiatou likes to dance and listen to music. She decided to join HSB to fight for the causes of disabled people by promoting and protecting their rights. For Rabiatou, the marginalisation of disabled people needs to stop because each one of us could be the parent of disabled person, the brother, the sister, the cousin and the neighbour. 

Francis Mcilheney, 24 –

Francis has worked with both children and adults with disabilities as a helper and sports coach. He admits that HSB Pabre really appealed to him due to the fact it combines sports and teaching to help better the lives of those living in Burkina Faso. Frankie feels he is in the right place to make a difference to the livelihood of disabled people, whom are incredibly marginalised and face a mountain to climb in order to gain the respect that they deserve within society. He is passionate about sports, food, travel as well as helping others.

Gisele Compaore, 23 –

An undergraduate student in Finance and Accounting, Gisele describes herself as a dynamic person that is always motivated and curious. She enjoys teamwork and has a dream to become an accounting expert one day. She decided to volunteer with International Service to firstly gain some professional experience which she hopes will increase her career opportunities. Secondly, at the heart of her decision was the will to do right by disabled people whom she acknowledges are hugely marginalised in Burkina Faso. Giselle hopes to make a positive contribution to this cause and become a global ambassador for disabled people by continuing to raise awareness of the experience and rights of a disabled person. 

Rebecca Lynch, 20 –

Rebecca decided to join ICS to see another culture, meet new people, learn new languages and make a difference to those less fortunate than herself. Equal human rights are something she strives for in the UK and thus she looks forward to bringing this passion to HSB. Disability rights are a new part of the Human Rights Movement for Rebecca but she is excited to be a part of the development here in Burkina Faso. She hopes that the team can make a positive, lasting change and speak up for those whose voices have been taken away.

Ouedraogo Hamadou, 25 –

Having completed his Master in Business Law, Hamadou decided to volunteer with International Service, in order to help HSB to achieve his goals and objectives, which he believes would help disabled people massively. He also hopes that this experience will improve his career prospects in the private sector. Finally, Hamadou dreams of running his own fiscal agency in the future, as he possesses a Master in Economics.

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