Friday, 11 August 2017

An exciting week is gone!


This week has been very productive. International Citizen Service’s HSB (Handicap Solidaire Burkina)  team worked together to deliver our first classes for children and the HSB staff, we constructed a ramp, took part in a number of meetings, we had a birthday to celebrate and here’s how it all happened!

Monday began with English, art and sport classes. The aim of the English class was to teach the children basic introductions, numbers 1-10 and body parts with the help of Makaton. Makaton is a sign supported communication method, to help children learn language. It helps children to make association between the new word and the sign which will then aid memory and recall words. 24 children attended and they all were full of enthusiasm, desire to learn and in fact, the lessons were so fun even our volunteers decided to join! 

English and Makaton Classes, Photo Credits- Samantha Mugabi, UK Team Leader

To brighten up the office walls the children did funny poses and outlined each other with colourful chalk. This created a further activity as the children were showing off their new English vocabulary by pointing out the “head, shoulders, knees and toes”. At the end of the day the children got very competitive while playing inclusive sports. There was two teams and they had a task to collect as many cones as possible while being blindfolded. The game would carry on until all the cones are collected and the team with most cones would win.