Friday, 15 December 2017

Goodbye Pabré

The volunteers: Week 1
Photo Credit: Samantha Mugabi
Goodbye Pabré

 So, we have come to the end of an eventful 10 weeks. We have all had a ball (quite literally - dancing is a favourite pass time here in Pabré) and have partaken in many activities including; sharing dolo with the locals at a Kermesse, attending a funeral celebration, haircuts (yes by other volunteers, not a hairdresser), lots of markets, visiting Happy Man (our local shop keeper), and all that work-related volunteer stuff. Our favourite pass time was just relaxing together at Mr Germain's house - CALLING ALL FUTURE VOLUNTEERS, this is your meeting place/your second (or first) home/your cinema and all round a great place.

About the work, we have carried out many awareness-raising sessions, at local schools, the local church and at the office for Pabré Women’s Association. We have also put on inclusive sport sessions to facilitate integration, English and IT classes, social media posts, ramp building, shelter fixing, sport classes and of course our Espace Bambino and Sports events (for International Day of Disability). We have achieved a lot in our 10 weeks in Pabré, and, as our placement draws to a close, worry not as a brand new cohort will arrive soon enough to continue working toward disability rights and to update you on even more of International Service’s volunteers great work here in Pabré with Handicap Solidaire Burkina.
The Team on a cycle
Photo Credit: Joseph Sparkes

I think it's fair to say we have all enjoyed the 10 weeks - and even looked forward to coming back to work after the weekend off .... Pabré is very rural so imagine a village in the countryside in England but dustier and hotter and that's basically our little town here (if you don't want to imagine, check out our recent 'Tour de Pabré' blog to see what I mean). We've had a lot of highs - swimming, our sport event, Espace Bambino - and not many lows; even illness has the perk of a road trip to Ouagadougou and (get this) a doctors with AIR CON! We will, no doubt, miss each other lots, especially the Burkinabe who aren't so easy to visit, but are also very much looking forward to going home to our families, pets, Christmas and most importantly - western food. And so, the countdown begins... 1 week to go!

Farewell readers and thank you for your views,
All the best,
Cohort 22
(Samantha, Beatrice, Altara, Judith, Ousséni, Joe, Isabelle, Will, Hamzah and Katie)

Nous voici déjà au terme de nos 10 semaines de placement dans la joyeuse commune rurale de Pabré ! Que le temps passe vite !
Volunteers enjoying drinks at our first Kerness
Mais nous pouvons dire à l’unanimité que nous avons passé des moments fabuleux ensemble. Une rétrospective nous fait prendre conscience que nous avons beaucoup réalisé.
Sensibilisations, formations (cours d’anglais, informatique, sport, art), constructions et renforcement d’infrastructures pour la communauté, telles étaient les différentes tâches que notre équipe devrait mener pendant les 10 semaines du placement. Nos activités n’affectaient cependant en rien nos moments de loisirs. Nous trouvions du temps pour nous relaxer, par exemple participez à des kermesses, aller de temps en temps au bar nous amuser.
Goodbye Cohort 22
Photo Credit: Béatrice Palo
Notre mission est loin d’être terminée car le développement durable nécessite de conjuguer plusieurs efforts. D’autres sont venus avant nous poser des pierres. Il est temps pour nous aussi après avoir posé les nôtres de passer le flambeau à la cohorte à venir afin que le développement durable de la commune de Pabré continue et puisse être bientôt une réalité.
Merci à tous ceux qui, d’une quelconque manière ont contribué à faire de notre placement et de notre mission un succès.
                                                         VIVE LE VOLONTARIAT !!!!!
La cohorte 22
(Samantha, Beatrice, Altara, Judith, Ousséni, Joe, Isabelle, Will, Hamzah and Katie)

Bonne chance à la prochaine cohorte !!!!!

By Katie Powell and Isabelle Swalla

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